Kamis, 15 Maret 2012



In the night of valentine’s day, I did’nt celebrate it because it just christian people. meanwhile, I’m a moslem.

that night I was so sad, because I didn’t have close friend anymore. but I felt a litte bid of happy, I found new friends, though ididn’t see her.

Hopefully, on the next valentine, I can hang on with my old friends. I have just met my friend, ghina, it’s all because of Allah SWT. thanks Allah You confront me with my friend ghina. but I hate valentine very much.

As a Muslim ask ourselves, whether we will follow the example just something that is clearly not derived from Islam?

Let us ponder the words of God: "And don’t you follow what you do not have knowledge of it. Truly hearing, sight, and hearts, it will be held accountable for all responsibilities ". (Surah Al-Isra: 36)

In Islam the word "know" means being able to know with all five senses are controlled by the heart. Knowledge to the extent the content and nature of the actual lift. Not just be able to see or hear. Nor is it just know the history, purpose, what, who, when, how, and where, but more than that.

Hence the belief that Islam forbids so piggybacking (follow) to one another or the Islamic faith is called taqlid. Hadeeth of the Prophet Muhammad: "He who imitate or follow a people (religion), he includes the (religious) it".

Allah SWT says in Surah Al Imran (family of 'Imran) verse 85: "Those who seek religion other than Islam, then once in a while is not accepted (the religion) thereof, and in the Hereafter he is among those who lose".

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