Sabtu, 07 April 2012

my poetry

The Meaning of Friendship

this time is a moment that I want for a long time
when I meet a true friend
I always meet you
your prsense make my heart quite
you come with a spirit
you’ll be there in every my pulse

thanks god....
you have sent her as my true friend
friend to through my life
star when always keep me inmy beautiful night

a million story that I’ve been through
just nonsense without friend besides me
the bitter of life will be disappear with the meaning of friendship

My Lovely Friend….

when I’m in a silence and I’m afraid to stride along
you come and bring lantern
although it’s not so big
it can kill all of the darkness around me

you smile can make  a liquid my quieteness
formerly I’m afraid to see the light
because they say I can blind
formerly I’m afraid to play with wave
because they say I can sink

but oyu come, scream and cheer up
says “ go on and I believe that you can
you never give up to give spirit
when I’m feel tired and hopeless

now I’m brave to see the sun
I’m brave to face up the big wave
because I know you always be here for me
through this life together
in sadness or happiness
in darkness or brightness

may be I can survive my life without love from a man
but I believe I can’t stand up without you
my lovely friend……

A Wise Choice….

although just a few days we are together
the quietness that I’m felt for a long time
as if disappear
remeeted by the sweetness of feel in my heart
the story about our love

I’m not realize
the feeling pass by disappear by the sadness
that start to be disappear
created a new memory

now I realize
love is gone
but I know
and you must understand too
that friendship as beautiful as love.

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